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Kim Boske

Tableaux 1-7

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Kim Boske's Career Highlights

  • Finalist at Hyères Photography Festival 2011
  • Foam Talent 2010

In her Unseen presentation, Kim Boske offers a fresh perspective by revisiting the timeless world of 17th-century Dutch still-life paintings. She adapts their artistic techniques into her own unique language, maintaining her signature layering effect with an intriguing twist. Instead of capturing nature while photographing, as seen in her earlier series like "I go walking in your landscape," Boske now draws her layers from the pages of 17th-century Dutch still-life painting books.

Like the painters of the 17th century, Boske delves into the concept of "time" and its significance in art creation. These painters meticulously portrayed each flower in its prime, representing different moments in time for each bloom. This ever-shifting perception of time is a recurrent theme in Boske's work.

In her video pieces, such as "Bouquets from the 17th Century" and "Tableaux des fleurs," Boske reimagines traditional floral arrangements through the medium of film. She deciphers and reanimates the static moments captured in classical still-life artwork, using every flower still life painting from these books. The result is a rapid succession of image layering and deconstruction, where pages momentarily come to life before dissolving back into the background. This process creates a new virtual reality, encompassing the entirety of the book and challenging the conventional notion of "memento mori" in still-life paintings.

Inspired by the diverse visual perspectives that emerged during the creation of her video works, Boske decided to extract 15 video stills and reintegrate them into their original medium: photography. This decision led to the creation of the series "Bouquets" and "Tableaux."

Dimension 21x 28 cm

Print/frame Specs: Bright white inktjet papier, American Oak Wood & Museum glass

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Kim Boske

Dutch photographer Kim Boske (1978) studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and is fascinated by time and space. Boske's images seem to be holding, one layer upon the other, merging and intertwining, simultaneously different moments in time. Forming one harmonious image in its entirety, these images of the ‘now’, composed of different visual fragments lost during passing of time, reveal a phenomenon that is impossible to see or witness with the naked eye.

Boske is represented by Flatland Gallery. Her work was shown by international museums, including Foam Amsterdam, MAMM Moscow, Shanghai Himalayas Museum and Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. In 2010, she was selected for the Talent issue of Foam Magazine and she was one of the finalists at the 2011 Hyères Photography Festival in France. In 2012, she published her book Mapping.